Our Mission

Create greater value for shareholders - giving higher return on the capital invested

                    EHTETA advantage

  The company introduced the international advanced research and development, production, testing equipment, microwave anechoic France Satimo, South Korea KSS,& nbsp; APLUS Standard 3D Test System, Test data includes OTA, TRP, TIS, gain, radiation required for CTIA certificationPattern parameters, test speed, high precision. TRP, TIS, Gain, Radiation


  Company's existing R & D engineers nearly 60 people, all bachelor degree or above, including 2 PhD, Master 3 


   The company developed an innovative service model: the key customers for peer-to-peer counterparts of quality and thoughtful service to provide customers with antenna matching nquiries and proposals in the area, namely mobile phone ID + structure + RF compatible design, such as customer needs, engineers can respond to the service within 2H.


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