Job description:
Responsible for the establishment of the company quality management system, and organize the implementation, and to ensure that the quality of the company to achieve goals;
Responsible for establishing product quality inspection standards and quality inspection procedures;
Responsible for organizing the establishment and improvement of the company quality management system;
Responsible for the organization and management of this department;
Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's quality management documents;
Responsible for the quality training of various departments of the company and guide the internal quality management audit;
Responsible for the supplier's raw materials, key components of the quality appraisal;
Organize and participate in supplier quality control of production process;
Responsible for testing the quality of finished products of supplier tongs;
Participate in quality accident analysis, put forward suggestions for settlement;
Organization of resume product quality management files, proposed product quality improvement programs;
Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
Understand the quality management system, product testing standards and product quality related knowledge
With 2 years of quality management experience
Management system factory, plastic parts assembly experience priority


  1. Graduation design for the antenna related content 

  2. It is a priority to publish relevant articles or patents in academia

  3. Mainly engaged in the company antenna field antenna research and prediction research;

  4. Hard working, good at studying.

Job content:

  1. Responsible for incoming and outgoing inspection, and complete the relevant reports;

  2. Responsible for following up the improvement of abnormal materials;

  3. Complete the task assigned by the leadership.

Skills requirements:

  1. Proficiency in computers, calipers, projectors, X-ray detector;

  2. Familiar with metal, plastic, packaging materials, FPC / PCB and other materials testing standards.

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