NB-IoT technologyInternet of Things

Based on cellular narrowband Internet of Things(Narrow Band Internet of Things, NB-IoT)Become an important branch of the Internet of things. Constructed in a cellular network, the NB-IoT consumes only about 180 KHz bandwidth and can be directly deployed on a GSM network, a UMTS network or an LTE network to reduce the deployment cost and achieve a smooth upgrade.

Overview of NB-IoT

NB-IoT is an emerging technology in IoT area that supports cellular data connections over low-power devices over wide area networks and is also known as Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). NB-IoT supports long standby time, efficient connection to devices requiring higher network connectivity. NB-IoT devices are said to increase battery life by at least 10 years while providing a very comprehensive coverage of indoor cellular data connections. For the development of Internet of Things standards, Huawei earliest. In May 2014, Huawei proposed NB M2M, a narrow-band technology. In May 2015, NB-CIoT was formed through the integration of NB OFDMA. In July, NB-LTE and NB-CIoT further merge to form NB-IoT. NB-IoT standard is expected to be 3GPP R13 appeared and froze in June 2016.

NB-IoT prospects and advantages

More and more industries are already using IoT technologies to increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. For example, Bosch, a manufacturer of automotive components, home appliances and safety systems, has linked many product lines and directly benefits from the rise of mobile Internet technologies, especially in the car networking space. To meet the tremendous opportunities in the field of IoT, the entire industry not only needs to promote technological innovation, but also needs to promote business model innovation and cross-industry collaboration. Due to the variety of use cases, applications and business models, the Internet of Things market will be more fragmented than the mobile market. The entire industry is at a critical juncture, operators need immediate action to seize this new Blue Ocean opportunity.

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